Looking Back to Move Forward A Homeschool Journey Reflection

Hand holding a white mug with a tea bag and two stacked journals with a pen on a table outside and text My Homeschool Journey: A ReflectionThe homeschooling bug bit me 10 years ago completely out of the blue. It was never our intention to homeschool our gaggle of kids. That said, I always wanted to be a mama and a teacher and a writer. So, here I am juggling all three roles and then some. It’s nothing like I imagined. Continue reading »

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Why My Homeschooling Kids Need Breaks from Each Other and How We Do It

Three smiling children hugging each other and facing the camera with text Why my homeschooling kids need breaks from each other & how we do itIf your homeschooling clan is content to be with each other 24 hours a day with no breaks from each other, then feel free to skip to another blog post. I have nothing but love and high-fives for you because I think it’s amazing when families can do what works for them. If you’re feeling like maybe your homeschooling kids might need some built-in breaks from each other (and you), then read on while I share what’s working for us right now with three adolescents. Continue reading »

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Non-Scary and Montessori-Friendly Resources for a Shark Tooth Dig

There’s no doubt that sharks are high interest for kids. But how do we use that high interest to engage learning without giving young children nightmares? I have a 5-year-old granddaughter and two toddler grandchildren. We all live near the ocean, so our ocean unit has been especially interesting for us. But I don’t want…

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Get 25 Off the KHT Montessori Online Training Course

If you’ve wondering about the KHT Montessori Online Training Course, check out this post before signing up. I have lots of information (and freebies!) for you along with a $25 off coupon code for my readers! The coupon code is good at any time! Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. The opinions are honest and…

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Do a Dot Worksheets Numbers 1-12

Bingo Marker Number Worksheets

Kids will love practicing counting 1-12 with these super cute, FREE Bingo Marker Number Worksheets. Perfect NO PREP worksheets for young learners. Updated: Post originally published March 4, 2015. Number Worksheets for Kids Number Mats (build numbers with manipulatives & tracing numbers) Number Flashcards Thanksgiving Color by Number Hole Punching Math Fun Number Trains Playdough […]

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Reading the Easy Way – Kindergarten

Reading the Easy Way Kindergarten - this is such a fun way for kids to improve their reading by mastering sight words. Includes fun sight word worksheets like color by sight words, weekly sight word readers, and creative sight word games. LOVE THIS! #kindergarten #reading #sightwords

Kids will have fun learning to read with Reading the Easy Way Kindergarten! It includes sight word worksheets, games, readers, and so much more! Updated:  Post originally published November 5, 2012. Reading the Easy Way Kindergarten Reading the Easy Way Kindergarten is the next step to the hugely popular Reading the Easy Way Program.  This is […]

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Learning Without Boundries

Boundaries keep a person close and restricted. People often put boundaries around children from exploring and trying new things and that is the reason why after some time children get used to the boundaries set for them. Like if you take the example of a herder with his sheep, the herder takes the sheep only to a certain land and after some time the shepherd does not have to go with his sheep because the shepherd has put a mindset in his sheep that if the sheep went out of that boundary they would be harmed or be taken away and thus the sheep always stay within the boundaries.
I have seen this in alot of students who are restricted to make new friends and try out new things. When I ask parents why they restrict us they say they are conserved about our security. But my question to parents is that if we children don’t try new things then how will we learn?

School for me was learning with boundaries. I am not against rules, I understand rules need to be followed. But for me there cant be rules for learning as learning for each person can be different.
In school there were restrictions on going down and having lunch with your friends or choosing an activity of your choice even if your not the best at it.
For me learning should not be like someone breathing down your throat, instead learning should be at ones pace.
Learning should not be restricted to just the information in our text books,I should have a chance to research further on the topic.
And then if I still have doubts someone could answer them for me.
This I think would work for subjects like science and Math too.
For me math and science are subjects I like to learn without boundaries of a classroom and limited time.
Learning without boundaries would help me learn better as I can first research on that certain topic and then I can have my teacher explain it to me.
Here I am free to take my time to understand a concept.
And thus Math becomes a subject that I can discuss with my coach and not just formulas that I need to learn by heart.
I read the book ‘Sita’ where I read that even the children of the royal families had to go to school. But their schools were not rote learning but infact they had hands on experience on whatever they learnt.
So why has learning changed now? Why are we now learning sitting in classrooms and writing exams for hours?
Since I have started homeschooling learning has been happening everywhere.
I am now not only learning from text books but also from life.
When I am cooking I learn about different flavours and how to make tasty dishes.
Or when I made handmade paper I learnt about the ingredients and the chemicals used to make paper.
I learnt this while I was researching on what was the binding component used to make paper.
And the same way I learnt more about the solar cooker when I made it myself.
I learn more when I do things and not when I watch others do it.
I may be wrong but I have come to the conclusion that every body around me in the name of education is in a rat race where someone is trying really hard to put some one else down.
I want to ask these people with whom is their competition and whom are they racing and why?
My advise to these people is that challenge yourself and not any body else.
You are your biggest competition.

My Homeschooling Journey

The Journey Begins

“All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education.”

Thoughts behind my decision

Hey I’m Jasbir and I’ve started homeschooling from this year… Was school an unhappy place? Were the studies too much for me? What about my friends? Was I lonely then or now?

As a kid school was a happy place for me, I just loved school, I made a lot of friends and was proud of going and learning new things at school !
I had no clue when things changed for me, I just knew I didn’t want to go to school anymore and it wasn’t a happy place anymore. I now challenged everything at school, the way teachers taught, the long school hours, opportunities given to a chosen few and lack of enough sports time. Homework and studying after I got home was my biggest pain. I lost interest in studies, even today studies is not what I want to do… mom says my favourite dialogue is, “I want freedom” and mom’s is “from what?”

Now I think the answer is “from school!!” Cause the criticism I went thorough was awful, it’s made me into someone who is always scared of doing things, what if people laugh at me or call me fool ?!

So I definitely don’t feel sorry for not going to school, it’s true that at the starting of it one feels lonely but you get around it. I certainly did!

I still go to school to see my friends, I stand out of my school to meet my classmates I feel happy that they are happy seeing me. But I don’t miss being in class with them.

Today I have various friends groups i.e friends where I live, friends in my tuition classes, at my basketball class, my dance class and also the college students I meet when attending mom’s training are good friends today.

I am afraid to study, learn new things cause I fear me not getting it right. Why? Because when I was in school I used to be embarrassed every day for not being upto the mark of the class and was pulled up for wanting to stretch my legs or going out to meet my friends in the other classroom. I am not dumb, but I just can’t study stuck in a classroom.

For me learning or studying needs to be done at my pace, which I am able to now since I am home-schooling. I can now study at my own pace and don’t have to be under pressure of completing a chapter on time. I decide the time I need to complete a chapter. In school there is limited time given for a chapter to be completed and teachers move to the next chapters and if you don’t understand then you are dumb.

Now I have a timetable which even though I have made it with my mom, is a mix of everything – studying, games, diy-projects, gadget time (well there was a war for gadget time, but I am now happy with what I have), cooking and of course blogging !

I love the fact that I can plan my day according to me, and if I miss a day of my timetable, I can cover up for it without being left behind.
Learning now happens everyday for me, everywhere for me, in the kitchen I learn about spices and different cuisines, when I make my diy-projects I have learnt that I am also good at doing stuff, I am learning how to sort out my own problems like when my society friends fight about silly thinks, I learning how to be calm with grand parents and be responsible.

Au revior!

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